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5 Things Your Guests Will Remember About Your Wedding

No Matter Your Budget

Oh, Pinterest! You Have All of The Things!

If you’re anything like Lauren when she got married, you have a massive collection of pins and saved IG posts of some of the finest, and most beautiful wedding ideas and details you’ve ever seen. 

You imagine incorporating your favorite details and seeing your guests oohing and ahhhing as they glimpse your ceremony site or enter your reception space for the first time. They love your wedding so much they party long into the night after the best meal they’ve ever had and their bellies full of the best wedding cake they’ve also ever had.  

You’ll be the most magnificent couple your guests have ever seen.


They will delight in the beautiful and thoughtful details you’ve hand-selected with them in mind. 

Your wedding will be a day your guests will always remember as the best. The best food, the best dancing, and the best, well, the best everything! 

But can you afford it?

As you gather pin after pin and post after post, you realize something. 

On your budget, you won’t be able to afford it all. You may not even be able to afford the things you’ve prioritized, like great food, amazing entertainment, gorgeous décor, stunning florals, and an amazing photographer to capture every moment and detail. 

Can you create a truly memorable experience on your budget?

Now you start to stress. What if your wedding is forgettable, or worse, what if your wedding is the most memorable, and not in a good way?

Yes, you can have a memorable wedding

If you know where to spend your money.

It’s true, unless you have a multi-million-dollar budget you’re not going to get everything you want. 

The good news is, your guests will never notice when you know what means the most to them and prioritize your budget accordingly. 

What You Get

Five key areas that create an exceptional guest experience at any wedding, whether your budget is $10K or $100K.
Important questions to ask your professional wedding vendor team to ensure you create a wonderful guest experience without blowing your budget.
Ways to stay organized and prioritize the right things with our simple guide and workbook.
Clever ideas for splurging to create an even more memorable experience.
Simple places to save without sacrificing guest comfort and enjoyment.

Yes, this is all free!

We’re Lauren and Margot. We are wedding planners turned educators with more than 30 years of combined experience in wedding planning and hospitality.  We are on a mission to offer modern couples real information from real professionals, starting with this free guide. 

We have planned everything from million-dollar weddings to $10,000 weddings. 

We know what is important and what’s not when it comes to creating memorable experiences that will have guests gushing as they walk out the door and for many years to come.

Unlike the couple, we hear first-hand when guests loved a wedding and when they didn’t. Guests and couples spare no details when it comes to expressing their disappointment in the wedding day experience to us. 

And while we are not here to dish or disparage, we are here to help you avoid the mistakes we’ve seen couples make when it comes to creating a meaningful and memorable wedding day for themselves and their guests, starting with this guide

5 Things Your Guests Will Remember OLD

No Matter Your Budget

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