Beauty Tips for the Month Before Your Wedding

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We’re back with more wedding beauty tips from Sam Salk of Mobile Bridal Salon. Today we’re covering all the do’s and don’ts of your pre-wedding hair and makeup routine. Plus, Sam gives us the inside scoop on an amazing treatment she used before her own wedding to ensure her makeup was absolutely perfect.

The Pros and Cons of Buffet, Family and Plated Wedding Meals

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Are you contemplating what kind of dinner you should serve for your wedding meal?  There are 3 different options that tend to be the most popular:

  1. Buffet
  2. Family Style
  3. Plated

In this video Executive Chef Pace Webb, Taste of Pace shares the pros and cons of each option with us. Not only does she give us the real deal, but her opinion as well on why she prefers some meal options over others.

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Hidden Wedding Catering Costs from Caterer Pace Webb

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Your catering will be one of your highest wedding day expenses. So as you gather your catering quotes, you’ll want to be aware of these hidden wedding catering costs.

In this newest video from The Wedding Course’s Channel, I interview Caterer and Chef, Pace Webb of Taste of Pace about these costs. She’ll tell you what to watch out for and review in your proposals so nothing sneaks up on your at the last minute.

Even as an experience event planner myself, Pace is always giving me good tips and information to look out for, so I know you’ll find this helpful in your wedding planning!

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The Pros and Cons of Airbrush vs. Traditional Wedding Makeup

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Today I’m thrilled to be chatting with my friend Sam Salk from Mobile Bridal Salon all about wedding makeup. When thinking about your day-of look, you may be wondering whether to go with traditional makeup or airbrush makeup. If so, be sure to tune in to Sam’s insight! She chats about why she prefers to work with traditional makeup and also shares an airbrushing hack to get a more natural look. Don’t miss these tips!

Wedding Cocktail Food Must Knows!

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I find that lots of venue and vendors like to cut your wedding costs by reducing cocktail hour food. This concerns me as people drink more during cocktail hour and are more likely to do so on an empty stomach. Once you get going the crowd is more likely to get wasted more quickly.

In determining how much food to serve for cocktail hour, you’ll want to consider how long it will last for. Cocktail hours last anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.

After watching this short video you will be well prepared, no matter how long your wedding cocktail hour lasts and your guests will be happy and walking straight.

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Finding Wedding Vendors to Fit Your Budget

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I’ve spoken with countless stressed couples trying to find vendors who will fit within their budget. Many times you’ve seen inspiration on Pinterest and in Wedding Blogs, but have no idea of the actual cost until you start calling around and getting sticker shock!

As the wedding industry has no standardization in it’s pricing practices, the process can be even more stressful and you may find it intimidating.

I’m here to say, don’t! In this video, I’ll give you some expert tips that I use on a daily for my own events (as I have tight budgets) and with my clients.

The good things about so much competition in the wedding industry, that if you do enough digging and searching you will find vendors who fit your budget for your wedding team.

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Tips for Buying Alcohol for Your Wedding Bar

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If you’re buying the alcohol for your wedding bar, then this is a must watch video. You can easily under buy or overspend if you don’t know anything about beverage consumption.

This post’s video is dedicated to breaking down how much alcohol to buy if you’re supplying the booze for your wedding bar.

Things you’ll want to keep in mind as you view the video:

  • Quantities are based on 100 guests, so adjust accordingly
  • You know your guests the best, so buy extra of anything that are crowd favorites
  • If you’re only having beer and wine, double or triple that quantities given to be safe

PS if your your venue or caterer to provide alcohol, check out my video on estimating beverage consumption for wedding bar pacakages