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No Matter Your Budget

You CAN have a memorable wedding, if you know where to spend your money. Inside the free guide, you’ll get:

πŸ”” Five key areas that create an exceptional guest experience at any wedding, whether your budget is $10K or $100K.

πŸ”” Important questions to ask your professional wedding vendor team to ensure you create a wonderful guest experience without blowing your budget.

πŸ”” Ways to stay organized and prioritize the right things with our simple guide and workbook.

πŸ”” Clever ideas for splurging to create an even more memorable experience.

πŸ”” Simple places to save without sacrificing guest comfort and enjoyment.

Hi, we’re Lauren and Margot, with 30+ years of combined experience in weddings and events. In this guide we’ll take you through our top tips for the 5 most important elements of planning your perfect wedding, from the venue, to photographer, food to dress, and then planning your budget.

Ready to take the stress out of planning a day your guests will be talking about for years to come? Get the free guide!