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What You'll Find in The Wedding Course

Below you'll find a more detailed breakdown of what each module in The Wedding Course includes. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to email me or check out my blog!


Does the idea of budgeting for your wedding freak you out? Don't let it! I have an amazing downloadable template for you that makes budgeting easy. I've also listed out everything you could or may want to budget for.

Master Planning Checklist

Wondering what you need to accomplish to plan your wedding day and when it should be done by? Wonder no more, you will now have a master planning checklist outlining everything you'll want to do and by when.

Wedding Day Details

Ever attend a wedding and think, wow the flow of this event was amazing! It was so seamless! You too can have your guests thinking your wedding day was the best orchestrated wedding they've ever been to. Get my downloadable wedding day templates and more in this module.

Venue Tips and Tricks

Your wedding venue will most likely be one of your most expensive costs on your wedding day. Make sure you're asking the right questions, negotiating the important points and getting everything you want before signing on the dotted line. I'll give you all the tools you'll need in this section of The Wedding Course.

Vendor 'Must Knows'

Having the right team will make all the difference to your stress levels on your wedding day. And in order to find your perfect team, you need to know how to vet each and every vendor. In this module, you'll receive cheat sheets with questions to ask all your wedding vendors, industry tips and more!

Private Facebook Group & Webinars

Bonus! When you sign-up for The Wedding Course, you'll receive a free copy of my E Book which is chock full of wedding planning tips and details. You'll also receive an invite to my private Facebook Group where you can ask me any of you wedding planning questions and gain access to webinars hosted by me and my wedding planning professional friends!