The Wedding Course 5-day Challenge

Day 1

Setting Your Wedding Planning Priorities

Let’s dive deeper and explore the things you might not have thought about that can affect the budget. Join us as we even get a little personal sharing our stories and philosophies about budgeting, as well as some tactics to tackle the budget with your parents and your fiance. 

Next Steps

Chat with your partner about each of your priorities
Post your top 3 wedding planning priorities and tag us @theweddingcourse!
Talk to everyone who is contributing to your wedding budget so you have a total number
Have an idea on what your guest count will be
Start making initial vendor calls so you can estimate costs

It doesn’t matter where you are; at the beginning stages of planning or the end. The Wedding Course will set you on the right course with easy-to-watch informational videos and corresponding digital downloads for every stage of your planning.

Each module of the course is exactly the advice we give our clients. We’ve planned hundreds of weddings, and we know we can help you plans yours, too!