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Tips for Buying Alcohol for Your Wedding Bar

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If you’re buying the alcohol for your wedding bar, then this is a must watch video. You can easily under buy or overspend if you don’t know anything about beverage consumption.

This post’s video is dedicated to breaking down how much alcohol to buy if you’re supplying the booze for your wedding bar.

Things you’ll want to keep in mind as you view the video:

  • Quantities are based on 100 guests, so adjust accordingly
  • You know your guests the best, so buy extra of anything that are crowd favorites
  • If you’re only having beer and wine, double or triple that quantities given to be safe

PS if your your venue or caterer to provide alcohol, check out my video on estimating beverage consumption for wedding bar pacakages

How to Estimate Your Wedding Bar

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When it comes to estimating your wedding bar, this can be a confusing task. Many couples want to have a hosted bar, but are worried about the costs.

My aim is to help you estimate your wedding bar so you can be confident you’re getting the best rates and not overspending.

Keep in mind that this formula can also work with estimating consumption for your engagement party or any other social event, but remember people to drink more at weddings than most other social events.

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How to Accurately Estimate Your Wedding Bar Consumption