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Hidden Wedding Catering Costs from Caterer Pace Webb

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Your catering will be one of your highest wedding day expenses. So as you gather your catering quotes, you’ll want to be aware of these hidden wedding catering costs.

In this newest video from The Wedding Course’s Channel, I interview Caterer and Chef, Pace Webb of Taste of Pace about these costs. She’ll tell you what to watch out for and review in your proposals so nothing sneaks up on your at the last minute.

Even as an experience event planner myself, Pace is always giving me good tips and information to look out for, so I know you’ll find this helpful in your wedding planning!

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Wedding Cocktail Food Must Knows!

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I find that lots of venue and vendors like to cut your wedding costs by reducing cocktail hour food. This concerns me as people drink more during cocktail hour and are more likely to do so on an empty stomach. Once you get going the crowd is more likely to get wasted more quickly.

In determining how much food to serve for cocktail hour, you’ll want to consider how long it will last for. Cocktail hours last anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.

After watching this short video you will be well prepared, no matter how long your wedding cocktail hour lasts and your guests will be happy and walking straight.

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3 Tips for Finding Your Wedding Caterer from Taste of Pace

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Your wedding caterer will be one of your largest expenses when it comes to your wedding planning, therefore it’s important to find the right partner.

In this quick video Pace Webb, Founder and Head Chef behind Taste of Pace reveals some tips for finding your perfect wedding caterer.

She’ll give you 3 tips to keep in mind when meeting with your caterer and for your tasting.

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About Pace:
After studying abroad in Rome, she became classically trained in Western European cuisine. With a passion for traveling and living in over seven cities around the globe, Pace created her company to focus on new creative food combinations and most importantly, rich joie de vivre! Pace’s sparkle, and performance-like art for feeding people comes naturally as a fourth-generation entertainer. Her unique view on food and general panache for incredible flavor pairings has caught the eye of major brands such as Yahoo, Jell-O and Acura, hiring her to create recipes and host web series.