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Tools and Instruction to make wedding planning easier.

In The Wedding Course, you gain instant access to 6 modules, containing 95 video lessons that walk you through each step of your wedding planning journey.

Module 1: The Complete Planning Package

Lesson 1: Tackling Your Wedding Budget
Learn how the pros budget accurately to avoid overages, so you can budget for what truly matters to you and feel confident that you won’t go over your budget.

Lesson 2: Master Planning Timeline
What to do and whenNever miss a task or detail from your wedding planning to your wedding day. We have professional tools to help keep you on track with all the details, big and small.

Lesson 3: All About Wedding Planners
If you’re feeling confused or overwhelmed when it comes to hiring a planner, we can help. If you plan to hire a planner, we help guide you through the different types of planners, and what they do so you can choose the right planner for you.

Lesson 4: How to Choose Your Venue
Your venue literally sets the scene for your entire wedding day and has a great impact on guest experience. Learn the right way to compare your top choices so you can choose the perfect venue for your special day.

Lesson 5: Wedding Food and Beverage Tips
Wining and dining guests can take a big chunk out of your budget, but it doesn’t have to. This lesson will have you planning your menu and refreshments like a pro. Your guests will love how gracefully you host them and never realize where you cut and saved. 

Lesson 6: Organizing your perfect wedding day – day-of timeline
Nobody wants chaos on a wedding day. Not you. Not your guests. Not your vendors. Creating a timeline that feels effortless and creates a sense of flow can help you and your guests truly enjoy the day. Learn the ins and outs of wedding day flow so your guests never want to leave the party.

Lesson 7: The Groom’s Room
This section is specifically (and lovingly) created for male-identified newlyweds. Learn the latest in groom’s fashion, special touches for your spouse-to-be, and more. Because you deserve to be confident on the big day too!

Lesson 8: Wedding Insurance
Do you really need it? If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that it’s always best to be prepared. Wedding insurance keeps you prepared for unplanned events. Learn how this small detail can make a difference.

Lesson 11: Receiving Wedding Gifts
Everyone loves receiving gifts from their guests! We have important tips for managing and tracking them so nothing gets lost. 

Lesson 12: Honeymoon Tips
Whether you’re taking your Honeymoon right away or later, learn some of our expert travel and planning tips so you can relax and soak in the sun.

Module 2: Wedding Vendors 101

Lesson 1: Finding Your Vendor “A Team”
The right vendor team gives you the right support before and during your wedding day, so you can relax and be a guest at your own wedding.

Lesson 2: Vendor Contract Do’s and Dont’s
Do you know what should and shouldn’t be included in your vendor contracts? We teach you what to double-check before signing on the dotted line.

Lesson 3: Gratuities
Have you thought about gratuities? When you see your vendor team going above and beyond, you may want to thank them for their hard work. But if you don’t plan for this, you may have a few end-of-evening surprises that make you go over budget. We help you plan for thanking your vendor team for their hard work. 

Module 3: Design & Decor Masterclasses

Lesson 1: Putting Together Your Wedding Inspiration Boards
Creating inspiration boards can be fun. It can also get overwhelming. Learn how to put together inspiration boards that you can easily share with your vendors so everyone is on the same page for your vision and budget.

Lesson 2: Getting to the Root of it – All things Flowers
Our expert florist Michael walks you through all things flowers. From bouquets and centerpieces to candles and design details, he’s sharing flower details and ideas to help guide the conversation with your florist.

Lesson 3: Setting the Scene with Rentals
The right rental can transform the look and feel of your wedding day. Get fresh ideas and practical options for designing your own space.

Lesson 4: How to Design Your Wedding Ceremony
The wedding ceremony is not always as simple as walking down the aisle. There is a method to designing a meaningful wedding ceremony you and your guests will enjoy. Learn how to create a ceremony that is picture-perfect with some extra touches.

Lesson 5: How to Design Your Wedding Reception
Bring together your delightful details and thoughtful touches when designing your wedding reception. The reception is a large space and where you spend most of your wedding day, we’ll teach you how to create a space that’s beautiful, functional and flows.

Lesson 6: Cocktail Hour Layout and Design
Cocktail hour is where your guests get to relax and unwind after your ceremony. Learn the ins and outs of cocktail reception layout and design that ensure your guests start their evening feeling cared for and comfortable.

Module 4: Etiquette – Invitations, Guest Lists and Thank You Notes

Lesson 1: Everything Invitation Related
Your invitations are the first piece of information your guests receive about your wedding. Good communication is the key to well-informed guests. Learn the ins and outs of invitations: when to send, how to word them, what to include, and more.

Lesson 2: Your Wedding Registry
Do you know how to create a wedding registry that helps your guests have fun shopping for you? We walk you through creating a well-rounded registry that is meaningful to you and your guests.

Lesson 3: Your Wedding Website
Your wedding website is an important resource for guests and is almost as important as your wedding invitations. Learn the crucial information you need to include to keep everyone in the know.

Lesson 4: Guest List and Seating
Whether you plan to invite EVERYONE or keep things intimate with a handful of close friends and family, we help you create a guest list and decide on seating options that your planner, your venue coordinator, and your caterer can use to elevate your wedding day experience.

Lesson 5: Place Cards and Escort Cards
Although this may seem like a small detail, place cards and escort cards are an important part of welcoming and making your guests feel cared for. We have fun and fresh ideas to delight your guests.

Lesson 6: Thank You Notes
Avoid thank-you note overwhelm. Learn to easily write thoughtful thank you notes and when to send them so all your guests can know how grateful you are for them to be a part of your day.

Module 5: Beauty and Attire Deep Dive

Lesson 1: Wedding Gown
Your gown may be big or small. Delicate or study. New or vintage. Regardless of the gown you choose, it will be special and require special care. Learn how to transport, and take care of the wedding gown, as well as how to wear it and move in it in a way that leaves you feeling gorgeous and like your best self on your wedding day.

Lesson 2: Who, What, Wear
Whether your dress code is white-tie formal or salt-of-the-earth casual, get the ins and outs of communicating your wedding day dress code so your guests feel comfortable in their attire on your wedding day.

Lesson 3: Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day
Getting ready on your wedding day can be a fun and special time with cherished friends and loved ones. (It can also be a source of stress and overwhelm.) Learn strategies for getting ready on your wedding day so you can start your day with excitement and be ready for everything else to come.

Lesson 4: Wedding Day Hair and Makeup Tips
Your hair and makeup can accent the beauty of your gown and accessories, and help you to look and feel your best on one of the most photographed days of your life. Learn tips and best practices from professionals so your wedding day hair and makeup can stay on time and look amazing.

Bonus Module 6: Destination Weddings 

  • Reminders to check weather by destination so you don’t plan for a summer wedding in a winter location.
  • It’s important to make sure that when you say ‘I Do’ it’s legal and official when you get back home!
  • How to spread the word – Destination weddings require a bit more notice and information. Learn what you need to know.
  • Learn what to include on your wedding website so your guests are well informed and ready to enjoy!
  • Choosing vendors
  • Making your guests feel at home is key to a memorable wedding weekend and you’ll find a few additional touches in this section.

Learn the added details for planning a destination wedding like a pro so everyone can enjoy and treat your wedding like the vacation it was meant to be.